TopGum uses microencapsulation to create high-caffeine cappuccino gummies


To create the product, TopGum for the first time used its new proprietary TopCaps microencapsulation technology.

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Gummy supplement maker TopGum Ltd. (Tel Aviv) has created a new line of high-dosage caffeine gummies called Gummiccino. To create the gummies, TopGum used, for the first time, its proprietary new TopCaps microencapsulation technology that the company says enhances flavor and boosts caffeine absorption.

“Until now, coffee-flavored caffeine gummies have had a limited market presence due to tendencies to develop a bitter flavor,” explained Amichai Bar-Nir, the company’s CEO, in a press release. “Thanks to our novel TopCaps technology, busy coffee lovers can finally experience the rich flavor of coffee in gummy form, with zero bitterness.”

The gummies contain an extract of Coffea robusta coffee beans that the company says “perfectly captures the genuine aroma, flavor, and color of coffee.” Each serving of the gummies contains a functional dose of caffeine. Two gummies provide the user with 40 mg of caffeine, the equivalent amount of caffeine in a standard espresso shot.

“The new line represents a breakthrough in the caffeine gummy space,” added Eli Edri, the company’s COO and vice president of strategic partnerships. “Over the last couple of years, we worked on the development of a state-of-the-art microencapsulation technology—called TopCaps—that is uniquely tailored for gummies. This innovative technology allows consumers to savor the flavor and aroma of coffee-on-the-go, while energizing themselves with a single chewy treat.”

The gummies are being offered in flavors of espresso, cappuccino, and mocha. TopGum says they can be customized with adjusted dosages, flavors, colors, shapes, and sizes.

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