Test your Omega-3 Index at Expo West


OmegaQuant Analytics is offering free Omega-3 Index tests at Natural Products Expo West booth #4568 where they are colocated with Wiley’s Finest. 

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OmegaQuant Analytics, the inventors of the Omega-3 Index and Prenatal DHA Test are co-located with Wiley’s Finest at booth #4568 at Natural Products Expo West, where attendees are eligible for free Omega-3 Index tests. Wiley believes that the test is a tool that can elevate the omega-3 category.

“Knowing your number - your omega-3 blood level - is one of the most important pieces of information you could have about your personal health,” Sam Wiley, CEO of Wiley’s Finest, in a press release. “The Omega-3 Index test is an affordable and practical way for consumers and practitioners to monitor their omega-3 intake from seafood and supplements.”

Consumers may believe that their omega-3 status is good, but they may be surprised to learn the truth. “Studies have shown most individuals believe they are getting enough EPA and DHA from their diet, but when we test their Omega-3 Index, around 70-80% are not in the desirable range, which then prompts dietary changes,” said Jason Polreis, CEO of OmegaQuant, in a press release. “We are proud to serve alongside Wiley’s, which is a shining example of a company that is committed not only to quality but also sustainability, both of which are extremely important to the omega-3 category.” 

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