Tech startup seeks to make transparency more accessible with new portable device


Tech startup Inspecto Ltd. is working on a portable contaminant-testing device for real time results, a potentially disruptive product if accurate. 


Image courtesy of Inspecto, Ltd. 

A Tel Aviv-based startup Inspecto Ltd. has introduced a portable scanning device to detect contaminants in raw materials in real time. It is in the final stages of development and will be tested by four leading food companies by the end of 2019.

The company is marketing the product as a fast, accurate, and affordable way for farmers, food manufacturers, and retailers to test products without time-consuming and expensive lab testing. The device scans the material and identifies contaminants according to the specific requirements of the client, says Inspecto. According to the company, a sample is placed into a disposable capsule, inserted into the device, and activated with the press of a button, where the sample is scanned within minutes, providing measurements of the selected contaminant.

“Our solution helps make food safer and cleaner, and ensures maximum transparency,” says Avner Avidan, CEO of Inspecto. “We already are engaged in pilot projects with leading food companies wanting to take product safety assurance and traceability to the next level.”

The real-time approach to the testing will have its advantages as well, explains Avidan. “Since each scan is conducted in real-time and the results are stored on the cloud, Inspecto can offer additional services to our customers that, until now, were impossible for them to implement. For example, it enables our customers to approve or reject a shipment on the spot based on the results, and they can even use blockchain to store their information more securely.” 

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