Tablet-Press Tooling Supplier Elizabeth Now Offers Bosch Capsule-Filler Replacement Parts

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The company has partnered with Carlisle Precision Machining (Napma, ID).

Tablet-press tooling specialist Elizabeth Scheu & Kniss (Louisville, KY) has announced a partnership that will extend the company’s offerings to include high-precision replacement parts for Bosch capsule-filling machines.

The company has partnered with Carlisle Precision Machining (Napma, ID) to “leverage the proven experience of Carlisle Precision to reliably engineer popular replacement parts for a wide range of Bosch and derivative capsule-filling machines as an economic alternative to OEM parts.”

“We are proud to align our high-quality product offering with an icon in the industry for servicing global pharma and nutraceutical producers,” said Jon Carlisle, president of Carlisle Precision Machining, in a press release.

David Risinger, general manager of Elizabeth Scheu & Kniss, which this year celebrates its 100th year in business, also said via press release, “We are pleased to collaborate with Carlisle Precision to extend our product offering across the solid-dose manufacturing department. Our extensive offering of rotary tablet-press parts has proven time and again as a reliable and cost-effective alternative to OEM parts. We are equally confident in the Carlisle line of capsule filling parts.”


Jennifer Grebow
Nutritional Outlook magazine