SweeGen Receives FDA “No Objection” GRAS Letter for Bestevia Reb D Sweetener


The sweetener can now be used as a “general-purpose, non-nutritive sweetener for foods and beverages.”

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SweeGen Inc. (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA), a nature-based sweetener company, and Ingredion (Westchester, IL), SweeGen’s global distributor for Reb M and Reb D stevia leaf sweeteners, announced that FDA has issued a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) “Letter of No Objection” for Bestevia Rebaudioside D stevia leaf sweetener. The sweetener can now be used as a “general-purpose, non-nutritive sweetener for foods and beverages.”

“The sugar-reduction trend is reshaping the way manufacturers formulate for sweet taste globally,” said Kurt Callaghan, marketing manager, sweetness innovation, Ingredion, in a press release jointly released by the companies. “Bestevia Reb D stevia leaf sweetener gives manufacturers a new tool to reduce sugar, without sacrificing taste.”

Bestevia Reb D is a non-caloric, high-purity stevia sweetener that purportedly has a “clean, sugar-like taste.” The companies noted in the press statement that the sweetener’s manufacturing process and ingredient composition, among other formulation factors, were provided to the FDA in the GRAS notice. In its letter of response, FDA acknowledged that it had evaluated the application and had no further questions regarding Bestevia’s GRAS status for its intended conditions of use.

Katharina Pueller, director, natural sweetener business, SweeGen, also commented on the letter: “Having received the No Objection Letter from the FDA, SweeGen and our valued distribution partner Ingredion are now able to support food and beverage manufacturers in the U.S. as they work to meet consumer demand for reduced- and no-sugar products made with our new, high-purity, great-tasting stevia sweetener.”   

The Reb D sweetener joins Bestevia Reb M as part of a new range of stevia leaf sweeteners, developed by SweeGen and distributed by Ingredion. According to the companies, the sweeteners can be used in such applications as dairy, bakery, and beverages. Per the press statement, Ingredion will distribute Bestevia Reb D sweetener initially in the United States, and then in other countries as additional regulatory approvals are granted. Ingredion is the exclusive distributor for SweeGen, except in China, where it is a non-exclusive distributor.

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