SupplySide MarketPlace Review: The “Next Generation” Vitamin B


Unlike other niacin compounds, NR does not cause the skin to flush.

ChromaDex (Irvine, CA) gave Nutritional Outlook a preview of what it calls the “next generation vitamin B,” which the company plans to roll out this fall. As Frank Jaksch, ChromaDex founder and CEO explained, nicotanimide riboside(NR), as well as other niacin compounds, is a precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), a crucial cellular co-factor involved in converting ATP. Unlike other niacin compounds, however, NR does not cause the skin to flush because it does not affect the up-regulation of prostaglandins, which causes the flushed effect.

Last July, ChromaDex announced that it had obtained the license to a patent from Cornell University covering a method for synthesizing NR that is cost-effective and commercially viable for large-scale production. (The company said that while NR is linked to multiple health benefits in laboratory models, it is still not available in the market in commercial quantities.) ChromaDex, it seems, is now set for a commercial launch. Ingredient benefits include those for energy metabolism and weight management.

ChromaDex Corp.

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