Sprinkle Omega-3 onto Foods, Thanks to New Nordic Naturals Powder


The omega-3 powder can be sprinkled over food or used as a soluble drink mix.

Nordic Naturals has unveiled what the brand calls a “revolutionary” approach to omega-3 fortification: an omega-3 powder that can be sprinkled over food or used as a soluble drink mix.

“Worried that your omega-3-enriched foods are not delivering adequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids? Fortify your own food easily with Nordic Naturals new Omega-3 Fortify, a revolutionary food and water-soluble omega powder with zero hint of fish,” the company says in a press release.

Each single serving is provided in a stick pack and delivers 500 mg of EPA plus DHA. Cod liver oil is microencapsulated in the powder. “A convenient alternative to soft gels and liquids, simply pour, mix, and enjoy within 15 minutes of preparation,” the brand says. (Use in a blender is not suggested, as the company says this hastens exposure to oxygen.) Also, the supplement is in its natural triglyceride form “for optimal absorption.”

“We found that many people were complaining that their store-bought enriched foods were not delivering significant amounts of EPA, only DHA, and they liked the idea of not having to take supplements,” stated Keri Marshall, MS, ND, Nordic Naturals’ chief medical officer, in a press release. “Added to yogurt, dressings, juice, applesauce-anything that is not too hot-Omega-3 Fortify allows customers to fortify their favorite foods without changing taste or texture.”

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