Specnova has launched a proprietary ginger extract to support joint health

According to Specnova, its ginger extract designed to support joint health, offers low dosage, high bioavailability, solubility, and stability.

Specnova (Tysons Corner, VA) has a high potency, organic and fermented ginger extract to support joint health and mobility. The extract, called GingerT3 offers the lowest dose available on the market (75-125mg) due to its high bioavailability. It’s also highly soluble and stable, making it versatile and easy to formulate into gummies, chews, capsules, tablets, powders, functional foods, and beverages.

The broad-spectrum ginger extract is created by a process in which the ginger oleoresin are extracted and concentrated, the fermenting the non-oleoresin portion of the ginger rhizome, increasing bioavailability and stability. According to Specnova, ginger oleoresins are known to inhibit specific pain receptors and inflammatory enzymes, and while ginger has been known historically as a digestive aid for upset stomachs, and nausea, compounds found in ginger, including Gingerols, Shagaols, Paradols, Gingerdiones and Terpenes, inhibit three powerful targets in the body that can cause joint discomfort: TRPV1, 5-LOX, and COX-2.