Spearmint Extract Neumentix Shows Sustained Cognitive Health Benefits in New Study


Results of the unpublished clinical trial indicate that Neumentix can improve cognitive performance both in younger, healthy individuals and in older subjects.

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While previous human trials have linked supplementation with a natural spearmint extract rich in phenolic antioxidants to improved working memory and attention in older subjects, results of a new human clinical trial, presented November 15 at the Society for Neuroscience were the first to show that supplementation with the same phenolic complex-brand-named Neumentix and marketed by Kemin (Des Moines, IA)-can improve cognitive performance in younger, healthy individuals.

Neumentix is a water-extracted dietary ingredient sourced from spearmint specially bred to be high in the polyphenols rosmarinic, salvianolic, lithospermic and caftaric acids. Earlier studies showed that these key polyphenols bolster working memory via at least four plausible mechanisms: reducing oxidative stress, increasing acetylcholine levels, supporting neurogenesis and protecting existing cells.

The current randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel study involved 142 men and women aged 18 to 50 years who supplemented with 900 mg of Neumentix or received a placebo for 90 days. Performance on the computerized CNS Vital Signs cognitive test battery-used to assess brain function-was evaluated at 7, 30 and 90 days post-supplementation and compared to outcomes from pre-supplementation testing.

The data showed that significant improvements in sustained attention emerged after 30 days and lasted through the 90-day study, indicating that long-term supplementation with Neumentix can improve focus over time. The results also confirm earlier work and build more support for the ingredient “as a safe and natural nootropic,” wrote the study’s authors in an abstract they submitted for publication.

According to Research and Markets, the brain health supplement market is expected to reach $11.6 billion by 2024. “Neumentix stands out in the growing brain health market with its sustained, non-stimulant benefits for concentration and focus with continued use,” said Kim Colletti, global cognition product manager at Kemin Human Nutrition and Health, in a press statement. “Young consumers are looking for long-term cognitive enhancement that will help them stay productive without crashing.” 

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