SourceOne Premiers Patented Heart-Health Formulas


Cholesstrinol HP and HPe are improvements upon the company's Cholesstrinol heart health formula.

SourceOne Global Partners LLC (Chicago) says it has improved upon its Cholesstrinol heart health formula by more than doubling the potency of citrus polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) and palm tocotrienols in the formula. The innovation yields two patented formulas: Cholesstrinol HP and Cholesstrinol HPe.

Several published studies support SourceOne’s branded PMF’s (PMF-Source) and tocotrienols (TocoSource) for reducing cholesterol and improving lipid profiles.

“Through our advanced extract and concentration technologies, we have super concentrated the standardized citrus flavonoid complexes found in Cholesstrinol beyond levels ever conceived,” says Rob Brewster, president of Ingredients by Nature (Montclair, CA), SourceOne’s citrus ingredients supplier. The higher concentration should allow for reduced capsule sizes and costs.

Ingredients by Nature also provides eriocitrin for Cholesstrinol HPe. Eriocitrin is a lemon-derived anti-inflammatory flavonoid that can reportedly suppress inflammation moreso than quercetin. Brewster says commercial quantities of high-purity eriocitrin were previous unavailable on the market.

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