Seawater Extract Offers Magnesium Enrichment


Nexira's Simag ingredient can be formulated into foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.

Because of growing interest in magnesium for overall health, Nexira (Rouen, France) is introducing Simag, a seawater extract rich in magnesium. The ingredient will be showcased at the IFT Food Expo taking place in Chicago in July.

Available data indicates that many consumers are falling short of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for magnesium, and Nexira points to a number of health disorders which could be linked to magnesium deficiency, including depression, anxiety, cramps, and cardiovascular disorders. Simag’s potential target markets include children and teenagers (for bones and teeth); pregnant and lactating women (magnesium supplements are often recommended for this population); sports nutrition; and stress and sleep arenas.

At 15–55% magnesium, a Simag format is available for foods, beverages, tablets, and capsules. The seawater extract is produced without synthetic solvents, and Nexira lowers the ingredient’s natural sodium and chloride contents during processing. Magnesium claims such as “source of magnesium” and “rich in magnesium” are possible with the extract.

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