Savory Flavors Give Nutrition Bars New Life: Omnibar


Flavors like Roasted Jalapeno and Honey Smoked BBQ may be just what's needed to reinvigorate the nutrition bar market.

Standing out from other meat-based nutrition bars on the market (yes, there are some), each of Omnibar’s savory bars-Roasted Peanut, Mango Curry, Chipotle Barbeque, and Cranberry Rosemary-comprises up to 35% grass-fed beef, plus a whole lot of other nutritional components, including complex carbohydrates and essential fats.

“The beef really provides the savory profile of the bar,” says Anthony Krolczyk, director of marketing and sales. He calls his company “a disruptor in the food bar world.”

Krolczyk says that grass-fed beef is "the most complete protein source when comparing essential amino acids, gram per gram.” But consumers get a lot more than beef with these bars. “You really get the savory profile of the grass-fed beef, but the softness of the sweet potatoes and plums really comes through,” he adds.

Krolczyk predicts the potential for savory bars is huge. “Savory food products are just making an entrance to the sports nutrition world, and consumers want variation in their pack. Savory is one aspect of that.”



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