SAMe combined with vitamin B complex may help with mild-to-moderate depression symptoms, says new study


New research shows that S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAMe) combined with a vitamin B complex may improve mild and moderate depressive symptoms.


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New research1 shows that S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAMe) (Adonat SAMe brand from Gnosis SpA; Desio, Italy) combined with a vitamin B complex may improve mild and moderate depressive symptoms. In the study, 60 patients diagnosed with depression with mild-to-moderate depressive symptoms were randomized to either receive the SAMe–vitamin B complex or placebo once per day for six months. Researchers used the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression to measure the level of depression, the Clinical Global Impression-Severity scale to measure the severity of symptoms, and the Clinical Global Impression-Improvement scale to measure the improvement or decline after treatment relative to baseline.

Researchers explain that SAMe acts as a methyl donor, with dopamine-, norepinephrine-, and serotonin-elevating properties, and that SAMe deficiency in cerebrospinal fluid has been reported in those with major depression and other neuropsychiatric conditions. Additionally, because vitamin B12 regulates transmethylation reactions for SAMe production and vitamin B6 regulates transsulfuration reactions, the vitamin B was combined with SAMe for its potential in  boosting SAMe’s effects.

Results showed that after three months of supplementation, depression scores and the severity of depression symptoms significantly decreased in the SAMe-vitamin B complex group, compared to placebo, with the Clinical Global Impression-Improvement scale scores in the minimally-improved to much-improved categories, while the placebo group’s scores landed in the no-change to minimally-worse categories.


1. Djokic G et al. “The effects of S-adenosyl-L-methionine-vitamin B complex on mild and moderate depressive symptoms.” Hippokratia, vol. 21 (2017), no. 3

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