Saffron Research Finds Home at Saffr’


Nutraceuticals International Group is reemphasizing its research on saffron.

Nutraceuticals International Group (Paramus, NJ) and Green Plants Extracts (Asnières-sur-Seine, France) are promoting nutrition research on saffron(Crocus sativus) at a newly improved website for their Saffr’activ saffron ingredient.

The new layout for should enable more user-friendly reading on saffron’s potential health benefits-including stress and anxiety reduction-says Nutraceuticals International marketing director Nichole De Block. Derived from the red stigmas of saffron flower, Saffr’activ is standardized for safranal and crocin compounds and is available as a liquid extract, liposoluble extract, or dry powder extract. The ingredient can be used in both foods and dietary supplements.

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