Royal DSM launches consumer-facing company called Hologram Sciences


Royal DSM has invested $100 million into a consumer-facing company called Hologram Sciences, which will create brands and products targeting various health conditions.

Image courtsey of Hologram Sciences

Image courtsey of Hologram Sciences

Royal DSM (Boston, MA) has invested $100 million into a consumer-facing company called Hologram Sciences (New York City, NY), which will create brands and products targeting various health conditions. The wholly owned subsidiary of DSM, Hologram aims to develop holistic solutions through a combination of health diagnostics, digital coaching, and personalized nutrition.

“One significant benefit of Hologram’s relationship to DSM is its ability to access DSM’s science-backed products, customized solutions and expert services in delivering reliable, innovative end-to-end solutions,” said Ian Brady, CEO of Hologram. “DSM goes beyond just providing proprietary ingredients to delivering insights and marketing services, application and technical advice and innovation and R&D expertise at every stage of the product’s development process. Its connection to DSM ensures Hologram is bringing safe, high-caliber products to market that are grounded in scientific evidence and rigor.”

The company will deploy an incubator-like model for DSM and its ecosystem of partners and customers by rapidly testing novel innovations and holistic solutions in-market with consumers. Consumer needs will be thoroughly researched to ensure demand is there, and once a product is created, Hologram will test and validate its solutions by launching brands to prove commercial product-market fit, typically leveraging a direct-to-consumer (DTC) approach. Once brands are validated, they will be made available to DSM customers and partners.

“Sales and marketing channels will depend on the product, the brand, and any partnerships Hologram may create to enable it to bring products to market that meet real consumer needs and pain-points,” explains Brady. “It will leverage channels that it believes will be most successful given the target audience, the goals of the business, and any partnerships it has. Hologram’s first product will be available DTC via an ecommerce website and other DTC channels may be added over time.”

As part of its holistic approach, and in the interest of personalization, Hologram will give back to its consumers through the power of data. “As we collect important personal and environmental data, our app users can expect practical recommendations as it analyzes this data over time, as well as recommendations from our live coaches. In other words, the digital platform is essential for achieving, measuring, and maintaining an individual’s desired health goals over time,” says Brady. “Hologram's algorithms leverage critical third-party and environmental data, plus self-reported data and wearables integration together with nutrition science, dietetic coaching and behavior change principles to proactively intervene before symptoms arise or conditions worsen. Hologram uses predictive models to make recommendations holistically across nutrition, sleep, fitness and stress. This combination yields more practical advice, assistance in a time of need, and support to improve long term health – for everyone.”

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