Resveratrol Chewing Gum Pops Up on Shelves


Each piece of chewing gum contains 40 mg resveratrol.

Resveratrol supplier Fluxome (Easton, PA) announced that its ingredient is now part of a chewing gum called Heart Strong Gum, from Cheiron Holdings. As its name indicates, the product is touted for cardiovascular benefits, including reducing inflammation of the heart, according to Cheiron.

Each piece of chewing gum contains 40 mg resveratrol, which the Cheiron says is equivalent to 40 glasses of red wine.

Moreover, the brand touts chewing gum as a more bioavailable delivery system over pills. According to the company, with pills much of an active ingredient like resveratrol may not reach the bloodstream or can be quickly metabolized by the digestive tract and liver. By contrast, it says on its website, “The resveratrol in the gum is absorbed directly into [the] bloodstream [through] glands under [the] tongue (just like nicotine gum or caffeine gum). This skips the effects of the digestive track, allowing a greater percentage of resveratrol to enter [the] bloodstream and stay there for a longer period of time.” To maintain resveratrol levels in the blood, the company recommends chewing a piece of gum “every few hours.”

“We are pleased to work with Cheiron to bring this unique resveratrol product to consumers,” said Angela Tsetsis, president and CEO of Fluxome, in a press release. “Heart Strong Gum with Fluxome resveratrol is an easy way for everyone to get the health benefits of resveratrol.” Fluxome’s resveratrol is described as a natural and pure source of >98% trans-resveratrol.

 “The quality and consistency of Fluxome resveratrol is unbeatable,” stated Griff Causey, cofounder of Cheiron Holdings. “It provides a 98% pure resveratrol that is tasteless, odorless, and mixes perfectly into Heart Strong Gum.”

“Our customers get all the benefits of resveratrol with nothing but a minty fresh taste,” Causey added.

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