Red Grape Powder May Offer Diabetes Benefits, Preliminary Results Suggest


Image provided by BioHarvest

Image provided by BioHarvest

A new clinical trial of Vinia, a red grape powder product from BioHarvest (Rehovot, Israel), suggests it may offer benefits to patients with type 2 diabetes. The study results will soon be published in a peer-reviewed journal, according to BioHarvest.

“The preliminary results of this study show that moderate doses of Vinia may positively affect patients with type 2 diabetes,” said Yochi Hagay, PhD, CEO for BioHarvest. “This is a promising result for people with type 2 diabetes or those at high risk for developing this condition.”

Vinia contains 40mg of polyphenols, including 5 mg of resveratrol sourced solely from red grape as piceid (reservatrol glycosides). The soon-to-be-published study included 33 adults who consumed Vinia daily for twelve weeks and were evaluated for diabetic paramaters as well as clock gene expression.

Malkit Azachi, PhD, vice president of R&D at BioHarvest confirmed that the preliminary results of the study are “extremely encouraging,” and said BioHarvest is already looking toward future studies.

“These results still need to be confirmed in a larger patient population,” said Azachi. “We are encouraged by these findings and plan to conduct additional studies to further explore the potential utility of Vinia in improving glucose metabolism.”


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook Magazine

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