Probiotic blend from AB-Biotics supports gastrointestinal health in subjects under stress, says recent study


Intervention with the probiotic blend supported gastrointestinal symptoms, mental health scores, as well as productivity in daily tasks because of gastrointestinal improvements.

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A recent study published in Heliyon1 found that a blend of probiotics from AB-Biotics (Barcelona, Spain) helped alleviate symptoms of gastric distress induced by stress. In the study, 26 healthy females and 36 healthy males who routinely lived under stressful conditions were randomized to receive either the probiotic blend or placebo daily for four weeks. The probiotic blend consists of P. acidilactici KABP 021 (CECT 7483), L. plantarum KABP 022 (CECT 7484), L. plantarum KABP 023 (CECT 7485).

Results showed that subjects taking the probiotic blend experienced significant reductions in diarrhea-related problems assessed by the Izumo scale when compared to placebo, and in the Short-Form 8 questionnaire, probiotic intervention improved mental component scores, role emotional scores, and mental health scores. Reductions in diarrhea-related problems from the probiotic intervention also reduced the impact of diarrhea on subjects’ daily activities and overall working habits, including missing work and impaired productivity based on the Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Questionnaire: General Health. Researchers also found a correlation between the improved scores for diarrhea on the Izumo scale and increased abundance of Faecalibacterium, a butyric acid-producing bacterium. Faecalibacterium is known to be stimulated by acetic acid, which the researchers say makes sense because the probiotic blend has been shown to stimulate the production of acetic acid.


  1. Sato T et al. “A probiotic blend improves defecation, mental health, and productivity in healthy Japanese volunteers under stressful situations.” Heliyon, vol. 8, no. 9 (2022)
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