Polyphenol-Rich HolisFit May Enhance Mind-Body Wellbeing


A clinical study demonstrated that the HolisFit polyphenol supplement ingredient improves measures of mental and physical wellbeing in overweight and slightly obese volunteers.

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Health-and-wellness ingredient developer Fytexia (Vendres, France) has announced the publication of a clinical study1 demonstrating that its HolisFit polyphenol supplement ingredient improves measures of mental and physical wellbeing in overweight and slightly obese volunteers.

The double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study-conducted in collaboration with the Research Center in High Performance Sport-UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia, Spain, and funded by Fytexia-involved 33 otherwise healthy male and female subjects aged 30 to 50 years with body-mass indices (BMIs) in the overweight to slightly-obese range.

After four months of daily supplementation with 1 g of HolisFit-which comprises green tea, yerba mate, vitamin B3, and extracts of grapefruit, black carrot, and grape-or a placebo control, the supplement cohorts’ scores on the Athens Insomnia Scale (AIS) improved 43%, indicating a significant increase in overall sleep quality. Those improvements in sleep markers appeared to translate to waking hours, as subjects reported a 67% improvement in wellbeing and 80% increase in functioning capacity during the day, too. Responses to the validated SF-36 health questionnaire reflected a 10% increase in perception of general physical health among the HolisFit group. As for measures of physical health, a 7.4% rebalancing of body composition within the experimental group signified improvement in body tone.

According to a press release, HolisFit emerged when Fytexia’s applied its polyphenol and sports nutrition knowledge to the growing demand for mind-body wellness. A company survey of more than 50 participants found that 96% of sports-nutrition product formulators believe that mind-body exercise products must benefit both physical health and mental wellbeing to achieve body-mind balance.

Notably, the press release added, growth in holistic activities such as yoga, Pilates, and t’ai-chi is considerable, with 36.7 million American adults choosing to join the yoga community in the prior four years alone-an increase of 79%.

Fytexia sponsored and helped to conduct this study.


  1. Romain C et al., “Regular consumption of HolisFit, a polyphenol-rich extract-based food supplement, improves mind and well-being of overweight and slightly obese volunteers: a randomized, double-blind, parallel trial.” International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition. Published online ahead of print February 23, 2017.
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