“Plusbiotics” Are a New Concept in the Digestive-Health Market, GCI Nutrients Says


Step aside, pre- and probiotics. There is another chapter to the digestive-health story called “plusbiotics,” says GCI Nutrients.

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By now, many consumers are aware that feeding and supplementing the body with good bacteria through pre- and probiotics offers a host of bodily benefits. But there is another chapter to the digestive-health story, says supplier GCI Nutrients (Foster City, CA)-namely, a “third intestinal category” called “plusbiotics.”

Unlike pre- and probiotics, “plusbiotics” focus on rebuilding intestinal mucosa. As the company points out, “damanged intestinal mucosa aren’t capable of absorbing the nutrients that the human body needs for good health.”

The company is now introducing what it calls “the first plusbiotic ingredient to be introduced into the nutraceutical market.” Under the brand name PrebioSure, the ingredient is said to be “the only clinically proven ingredient to greatly enrich epithelium enterocytes of the small intestine mucosa and enable [the] reconstruction of healthy, uniform villi lining that is responsible for optimal absorption of macro-, micro-, and trace elements.”

On pre- and probiotics, the company says, “they don’t tackle the main problem. An unhealthy intestinal mucosa system can’t do the digestive function.”

“PrebioSure is based on several years of research and development of a proprietary enzymatic extraction of biologically active compounds such as benzoquinone from non-GMO and organic food-grade wheat germ,” the firm explains in a press release. “Its synergistic and symbiotic effect combat harmful bacteria and nourish beneficial bacteria aiding in many metabolic processes and prevent side effects such as flatulence, bloating, diarrhea caused by inulin, IMO, FOS, GOS, and XOS.”


Jennifer Grebow
Nutritional Outlook magazine

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