PLT’s brand new immune-health ingredient Spectramune is a blend of ashwagandha and haritaki


Study data shows that the ingredient enhances innate, cell-mediated, and humoral immunity, the firm says.

PLT Health Solutions Inc. (Morristown, NJ) is launching a brand new immune-health ingredient called Spectramune. Spectramune is a patented blend of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and haritaki (Terminalia chebula). Study data shows that the ingredient enhances innate, cell-mediated, and humoral immunity, the firm says.

According to the company’s press release, “Clinical study data looking at immune biomarkers showed significant improvements across a broad range of immune cells—targeting innate, cell-mediated, and humoral immunity. These markers are linked to the first line of immune defense (innate), support for the slower immune response that the body mounts in response to unfamiliar pathogens (cell-mediated), and support for the remembered/antibody response from exposure to new pathogens and vaccinations (humoral).”

According to the company, a four-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, not yet published, was conducted in healthy male and female subjects aged 35-60 years “who self-identified with low perceived immune status.” Subjects were given either 500 mg daily of Spectramune or a placebo. Subjects’ biomarkers and perceived immune status were evaluated.

The study found that supplementation increased serum IgG levels from baseline, compared to the placebo group, which the company says “suggests a humoral immune response.”

In addition, Spectramune was shown to impact key markers of cell-mediated immunity, including total T cell population, CD4+ T cells, and CD4+/CD8+ ratio. Total T cells and CD4+ cells also increased significantly in Spectramune subjects, as did their CD4+/CD8+ balance.

Spectramune was also found to increase factors related to innate immunity. For instance, it was found to increase serum IFN-gamma levels over baseline significantly compared to placebo. There was also a significant increase in baseline NK cells over baseline (though not versus placebo). Twenty-eight days into the study, Spectramune subjects also had a significantly improved Perceived Immune Function compared to the placebo subjects.

Jennifer Murphy, director of innovation and clinical development for PLT Health Solutions, said in the press release that Spectramune provides a new option for the immune health market. “So many immunity ingredients on the market, including those that are polysaccharides or other fibers from fungal sources, support the immune system in similar ways,” she stated. “Spectramune is a new, unique option that offers comprehensive immune support that is the result of a synergistic blend of phytochemicals distinct from the usual suspects. Studying subjects with a low perceived immune status allowed us to demonstrate the immune-modulating benefits in healthy subjects, who reported feeling significantly better at the completion of the study. This is an ingredient that people can take every day in a broad range of delivery systems and know they are getting the support they need.”

PLT Health Solutions worked with its innovation partner Laila Nutraceuticals (India), a supplier of herbal products, to develop Spectramune. “Working with our innovation partner, Laila Nutraceuticals, the development for Spectramune process had as a goal the creation of a new approach to immune health support,” explained Seth Flowerman, president and CEO of PLT Health Solutions, in the press release. He said that the company used advanced screening to narrow down a selection of 40 plants to study for their immune-modulation potential. Spectramune was the result.

The ingredient is 70%-80% water soluble and can be used in tablets, capsules, softgels, functional foods, beverages, and more.

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