PLT Health Solutions to market Nano Pharmaceuticals Labs' ZümXR targeted-release ingredients


ZümXR ingredients allow formulators to design precise release profiles.

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Corrected May 8, 2023, at 8:30 A.M. PDT: This article was corrected to clarify that PLT Health Solutions will distribute Nano Pharmaceuticals' ZümXR ingredient, and not vice versa, as was erroneously reported. Nutritional Outlook apologizes for the error.

PLT Health Solutions Inc. (Morristown, NJ) announced that it will globally market Nano Pharmaceuticals Labs LLC's (Denver, CO) ZümXR portfolio of targeted-release ingredients. ZümXR ingredients allow formulators to design precise release profiles.

“The ZümXR Targeted Release brand includes a range of ingredients powered by patented release technology to deliver predictable activity in the human body, allowing product formulators to design precision energy profiles that enhance performance in sports nutrition, cognitive, and energy/endurance applications,” PLT's press release states.

The company calls ZümXR’s delivery technology “state of the art,” referring to it as a “significant step forward from conventional sustained-release coating technologies.” ZümXR ingredients are suited for a broad range of products and applications, including supplements, stick packs, powders, gummies, bars, and gels.

One of the ingredients in the line is ZümXR’s Delayed Release Caffeine. This ingredient “is activated by the pH gradient between the stomach and the small intestine, providing an immediate experience when it passes into the small intestine, for a surge of caffeine at a fixed time.” In short, it delivers a “tailored experience for the consumer without the sometimes unpleasant effects of immediate-release caffeine alone."

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