PLT Health Solutions introduces water-soluble version of its Zynamite ingredient


The new ingredient, called Zynamite S, was developed by PLT’s innovation partner Nektium Pharma.

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Photo © Studio

PLT Health Solutions (Morristown, NJ) has introduced a water-soluble version of its Zynamite ingredient, which is a standardized extract of Mangifera indica leaf that supports cognitive health and physical performance during exercise. The new ingredient, called Zynamite S, was developed by PLT’s innovation partner Nektium Pharma (Las Palmas, Spain).

“Zynamite has been an exciting ingredient since its introduction in 2018, with broad consumer appeal in both the cognitive and sports/active nutrition categories. This innovation will allow the experiential nature of this ingredient to be used in beverages and other trending delivery systems,” said Devin Stagg, chief operating officer at PLT Health Solutions, in a press release. “The development of a water-soluble version of Zynamite and the continuing clinical program associated with this ingredient speak to a commitment by our innovation partner Nektium to supporting this ingredient into the future.”

“Non-stim products are becoming a hot topic and there is high demand for alternatives that deliver rapid power and energy that consumers can really feel,” said Nektium commercial & partnership director Bruno Berheide. “Zynamite stands out as a non-stim energy alternative, naturally enhancing mental and physical energy in a smarter way. Our new Zynamite S allows manufacturers the opportunity to formulate innovative beverages that can help consumers ‘get in the zone’ and perform at their best.”

As such, Zynamine S can be used both alone and in combination with caffeine or other ingredients promoting energy and focus, says PLT in a press release. “In today’s dynamic functional beverage market, many brands are innovating with hybrid products that offer both mental and physical energy,” added Berheide. “Zynamite S is the perfect option for these products as it delivers clinically backed benefits for mental energy and sports performance within just one hour.”

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