PLT Health Solutions brings new propolis ingredient to North American market


PLT Health Solutions has introduced a new ingredient to its immune health portfolio called Promunel Ultra Performance Propolis.


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PLT Health Solutions (Morristown, NJ) has introduced a new ingredient to its immune health portfolio called Promunel Ultra Performance Propolis. Manufactured by B Natural, Srl (Corbetta, Italy), using a patented Multi-Dynamic Extraction technology, Promunel is standardized to six antimicrobial bioactive polyphenols. Unlike other propolis, with the standardization of Promunel’s bioactive constituents, its dose is consistent, and its health benefits are reproducible, says PLT.

“In a beehive, more than 300 active compounds contained in propolis – also known as ‘bee glue’ – help create an aseptic environment to preserve the health of the colony against a range of potential pathogens. Despite having 50,000 inhabitants, a humidity of 90%, and an internal temperature of nearly 100 degrees F, the beehive is one of the most sterile environments in nature. Propolis functions as the hive’s immune system,” said Sid Hulse, vice president of product development at PLT Health Solutions, in a press release. “With Promunel, we have taken propolis as a starting point and created an ingredient that, because of standardization, can be reproducibly studied in a clinical setting; and because of its form, can be incorporated into a wide range of consumer health products.”

“Although many people use propolis supplements to support immune function, clinical trials of oral propolis for this purpose have been lacking. Promunel changes that landscape,” said Jeremy Appleton, ND, director of medical and scientific affairs at PLT, in a press release. “You won’t find another propolis on the market with double-blind clinical research validating its efficacy for upper respiratory tract health. A double-blind clinical trial, recently published in the prestigious journal Phytomedicine, showed that Promunel cut two days off recovery time.”

In addition to standardization and clinical validation, the B Natural company has made a commitment to protecting and nurturing the world’s honeybee population. “B Natural engages their beekeeper suppliers to go the extra mile to defend and protect their colonies – never over sourcing and providing healthy environments, free of pesticides and other contaminants. We call it a ‘contract’ with the bees and hope for a win-win situation,” said Hulse.

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