Phase 3 Sugar Controller Significantly Reduces Blood Glucose, Insulin


Two studies were conducted on non-diabetic subjects and Phase 3.

Pharmachem Laboratories (Kearny, NJ) has announced the results of two studies on its Phase 3 Sugar Controller, showing that the ingredient can effectively reduce blood glucose and insulin after sugar intake.

Phase 3 Sugar Controller is a combination of a proprietary, patent-pending L-Arabinose and a patented form of chromium intended to help in the management of diabetes and obesity.

In a pilot study on 20 healthy non-diabetic subjects, taking Phase 3 with 70 grams of sucrose resulted in an average 31% reduction of blood glucose and a 32% reduction of insulin.

In a clinical trial on 50 healthy non-diabetic subjects, the same assignment led to an average 24.3% reduction of blood glucose and a 28.2% reduction of insulin.

Phase 3 Sugar Controller is part of the company’s three-phase process for diet management, which also includes Phase 1 Hunger Controller (for satiety) and Phase 2 Carb Controller (to reduce absorption of starch carbohydrates up to 66%).

No adverse effects were reported after 30 days of supplementation with Phase 3.

For more information, visit the company here.

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