PharmaLinea to introduce a new joint support product and line extensions to its existing portfolio at Vitafoods Europe 2024


PharmaLinea to introduce a new, clinically studied product for the support of joint pain and mobility, as well as line extensions to its >Your< Prediabetiq and >Your< Iron product lines.

Photo © Abrahams/

Photo © Abrahams/

PharmaLinea (Ljubljana, Slovenia) to introduce new, clinically studied product for the support of joint pain and mobility, as well as line extensions to some of its existing portfolio. The new product for the support of joint health is called >Your< Arthro Ease Capsules.

“>Your< Arthro Ease Capsules are a next-generation formulation, designed for multimodal tissue regeneration and highly effective at a low dose. Three clinical trials on the finished product show a significant reduction of pain, discomfort, swelling, stiffness, and restoration of joint functionality,” said PharmaLinea’s science & research director, Maja Orešnik, in a press release. “In a clinical trial, the product achieved a 92% higher decrease in knee ostheoarthritis pain severity after two months when compared to placebo.”

According to Matevž Ambrožič, PharmaLinea’s marketing director, a client case study of the product’s sales in the European market shows a sell-out of over 300,000 units per year.

The company is also introducing a line extension of its >Your< Prediabetiq line in the form of orodispersible powder sticks that offer a better user experience for consumers. “The orostick format offers more versatility, as it can be used directly or mixed with any liquids or meals and is appropriate for various consumer groups,” says Ambrožič. “Our R&D managed to achieve a delicious caramel or orange taste, which is especially important for the youngest consumers. >Your< Prediabetiq Orosticks will be available for tasting at the Vitafoods Europe Tasting Centre.”

According to the company, the product’s main ingredient, Qgluco, can reduce peak blood glucose change by 42%, compared to placebo. “The formulation is synergistically designed to improve glycemic response through two mechanisms: reducing post-meal blood glucose levels on one hand and improving insulin efficacy and sensitivity on the other,” explains Orešnik. “The product has an immediate effect that can be seen and measured by consumers in a matter of hours, which is crucial due to the advances in wearable technology. Balanced blood glucose levels are key for a growing number of diabetics, prediabetics, or anyone looking to control their blood sugar for other reasons, such as weight management, longevity, sustained energy, and focus, or sports performance.”

In line with the demand for more sugar-free and clean-label formulations, PharmaLinea is also introducing a sugar and preservative-free version of its liquid iron, >Your< Iron. “To provide our clients with more versatility, differentiation, and additional marketing claims, we answered this demand with free-from line extension of our most successful product line, >Your< Iron Line,” said Ambrožič, in a press release. “Iron, especially in liquid format, is difficult to formulate with, due to its strong metallic taste and stability. Making iron liquid stable and tasty is another great achievement of our R&D. Satisfying sugar- and preservative-free demands successfully is another step forward that we can be really proud of, and it showcases our expertise as formulators even further.”

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