PharmaLinea’s new blood sugar–support supplement improves glycemic response on two fronts

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The new >Your< Prediabetiq Capsules improve glycemic response by reducing post-meal blood glucose levels and improving insulin efficiency and sensitivity.

Private-label food supplement developer PharmaLinea (Ljubljana, Slovenia) has launched a new product concept for blood sugar support. The new >Your< Prediabetiq Capsules are designed to be fast-acting and improve glycemic response on two fronts: by reducing post-meal blood glucose levels and improving insulin efficiency and sensitivity. Ingredients include 100 mcg of chromium and 250 mg of Qgluco.

In a press release, Maja Orešnik, science and research director at PharmaLinea, said, “The majority of currently available food supplements in the blood glucose segment are based on basic sugar blockers such as commodity white kidney bean, banaba leaf, glucans, and fibers. Drawbacks of such products are lower efficacy, narrower range of CHs blocked, high dosages, possible bloating side effect, and no direct clinical support.”

She continued: “We also see a lot of systemic products, which work long-term with gymnema, ALA, fenugreek, cinnamon, chromium, vitamins, and minerals. Such products do not have immediately measurable effects, are often commodity-based, and mostly lack clinical data. We also see a tendency for many ingredients to be included in a fairy dust–sprinkling fashion, just to be on the list and hopefully have an effect.

She said PharmaLinea formulated >Your< Prediabetiq Capsules based on information that it may be better to “include the right mix of fewer, effective ingredients at clinically relevant doses.”

PharmaLinea will host a webcast on Thursday, April 13, 2023, at 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM CEST, to explain why >Your< Prediabetiq Capsules stand out. Attendees can register for the free event here.

The company points out growing consumer awareness about the need to improve glycemic response and balance blood glucose levels—issues that also stretch into markets like weight management, longevity, sustained energy and focus, and sports performance.

Said Orešnik, “With the development of wearable technology, soon every consumer with a smartwatch will be able to track their blood glucose. This will dramatically increase, if not multiply, the number of people looking to address this health issue. Blood glucose supplements are on the brink of a breakthrough.”