Pasta May Be Effective Delivery System for Probiotic Ganeden BC30


Researchers found that patented probiotic Ganeden BC30 was able to survive the manufacturing and preparation of pasta without affecting the characteristics of the pasta.

Photo © Marchal

Photo © Marchal

Pasta has historically been a challenging product type to use as a delivery system for probiotics, but a study recently published in the Journal of Cereal Science suggests probiotic Ganeden BC30 is able to survive the manufacturing and preparation of pasta and still be present in efficacious amounts.

To study Ganeden BC30’s behavior, researchers created a new functional pasta that was made of a durum wheat flour, barley β-glucan, and Ganeden BC30. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Verona (Italy) and is the 22nd study on Ganeden Biotech’s (Cleveland, OH) patented probiotic.

Using chemical, nutritional, and microbiological analyses, the researchers found that “the probiotic strain remained viable during the pasta-making and cooking processes, and its amount in cooked pasta (about 9.0 log CFU/100 g) would be considered sufficient to exert beneficial effects on [the] consumer,” according to the study.

In addition to Ganeden BC30 displaying survival in efficacious levels at both five- and seven-minute cook times, the probiotic also appeared not to affect the characteristics of the pasta, according to Ganeden. Researchers reported that the addition of the probiotic strain to the pasta “did not affect the postprandial glycemic response of pasta in healthy volunteers.”

“This study is exciting, as it shows the distinctive formulation capabilities of Ganeden BC30 in an additional product category that would be impossible for traditional probiotics,” says Mike Bush, senior vice president, Ganeden. “This research not only continues to build on our library of science supporting Ganeden BC30, but as a science-driven company we are honored that the Italian Ministry of Health continues to choose Ganeden BC30 for their studies; a collaboration which dates back to 2007.”


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook Magazine


Fares C et al., ”Nutritional profile and cooking quality of a new functional pasta naturally enriched in phenolic acids, added with β-glucan and Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086,”Journal of Cereal Science, vol. 65 (September 2015): 260-266

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