OxiKan Rosemary Antioxidants Extend Shelf Life, Firm Says


Kancor’s OxiKan CLS, a rosemary extract designed to extend shelf life in beverages, recently won a World Beverage Innovation Award at BrauBeviale 2016.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/mashuk

Photo © iStockphoto.com/mashuk

OxiKan CLS, a line of antioxidant ingredients from rosemary extract, offers antioxidant capabilities without imparting unwanted flavors, aromas, or colors to the final applications, according to supplier Kancor (India). One of the newest additions to the OxiKan line, OxiKan CL, debuted a little over one year ago. Its water-soluble version, OxiKan CLS, recently won a World Beverage Innovation Award at trade show BrauBeviale 2016.  

Unlike some rosemary antioxidants, OxiKan CLS is a “completely refined, deodorized and decolorized rosemary extract with highly functional antioxidant molecules with excellent water and oil solubility,” Kancor says, in a press announcement. It adds that with consumers increasingly opting for natural antioxidants over synthetic ones, Kancor’s scientists worked with three of rosemary’s principle components-carnosic acid, carnosol, and rosmarinic acid-to create a range of ingredients that “inhibit oxidation of other molecules by being oxidized themselves.”

Developed for beverages specifically, OxiKan CLS recently won the World Beverage Innovation Award for Best Beverage Ingredient at BrauBeviale 2016, held in November in Germany. Kancor adds that the ingredient extends shelf life by fighting product rancidity in oils and fats, and by stabilizing natural flavors and colors.


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