Organic Prebiotic Ingredient to Be Produced at Prenexus’s First-Ever Prebiotic Manufacturing Site in Arizona


Prenexus says that its AmpliVida XOS ingredient will be the first organic prebiotic ingredient produced using an organic-certified manufacturing process.

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Prebiotics supplier Prenexus Health (Brawley, CA) is opening a new manufacturing facility and headquarters in Gilbert, AZ, where the company will produce what it says is one of the world’s first organic prebiotic ingredients, an xylooligosaccharide (XOS) prebiotic derived from high-fiber sugarcane. The company says AmpliVida XOS will be the first organic prebiotic ingredient derived from organic-certified, non-GMO sugarcane. Prenexus was founded in 2015 as a prebiotic ingredient supplier.

The new ingredient will be among the world’s first certified-organic prebiotic sugarcane ingredients, Prenexus claims. AmpliVida will be marketed by ingredients supplier DSM Nutritional Products (Parsippany, NJ) for use in foods, beverages, and dietary supplements.

Prenexus says that establishing its manufacturing operations in Arizona will enable it to produce its ingredients via a vertically integrated supply chain. Prenexus grows its own high-fiber sugarcane to ensure product traceability, consistency, and quality, and the only solvent used in the manufacturing process is water, it adds. The company’s sugarcane is grown in California’s Imperial Valley.

Tim Brummels, co-founder, CEO, Prenexus Health, said in a press statement that while many prebiotic ingredients are manufactured outside of the U.S., AmpliVida will be produced entirely in Arizona.

“We're excited to be locating our first prebiotic manufacturing site in Gilbert, Arizona,” said Brummels. “Arizona offers Prenexus Health an ideal location, near our vertically integrated supply chain, along with access to a skilled labor pool. We're proud that our prebiotic ingredient will support U.S. farmers and create manufacturing jobs in America.”

Prenexus says that the new manufacturing facility will be fully operational in 2018. The new facility is also expected to create 45-50 new jobs over the next two years.



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