Organic Chocolate Supplier Ditches Sucrose, Adds Protein


Herza Schokolade adds sucrose-free and high-protein options to its organic chocolate range.

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Functional chocolate supplier Herza Schokolade (Norderstedt, Germany) is adding a new sucrose-free chocolate product to its line of organic chocolate pieces. Instead of sucrose, the chocolate will be sweetened with coconut sugar, lucuma, or rice syrup-natural sweeteners with a comparatively low glycemic index.

In addition to the sucrose-free chocolate, Herza is also offering chocolate enriched with additional organic protein. The high-protein chocolate contains as much as 30% more protein than standard milk chocolate, according to Herza.

“When the organic protein is used, the chocolate retains the delicate taste of milk chocolate, and at the same time, acquires an additional functional benefit,” says Herza.

Herza’s organic and Fair Trade small chocolate pieces are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are intended for use in pastry goods and bakery mixes.


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