Oral thin films offer nutraceuticals superior absorption, high ingredient payload, and uniqueness, says manufacturer Aavishkar


The oral film strips also offer an alternative to nutraceutical consumers who struggle with taking pills.

Photo © iStockphoto.com

Photo © iStockphoto.com

Oral thin film manufacturer Aavishkar Oral Strips Pvt Ltd. (Hyderabad, India) is touting its technology as a superior nutraceutical delivery system that can help set brands apart on the shelf. The company says its patent-pending ThinSol oral films also offer quick and enhanced ingredient absorption once consumed.

The company touts the oral thin films as providing “superior economy of use” because they can accommodate significant doses of active ingredients. According to the company’s press release, “Oral thin films can carry more actives than any other common delivery system; it has the least percent of excipients than that of any other dosage form.”

Aavishkar offers approximately 100 flavor and color options for its oral films. The films’ polymer matrix is said to be both durable and stable. The oral films can be formulated to contain no sugar and calories.

Aavishkar CEO Dinesh A R said, “They can help older brands refresh and spur growth, and they can increase consumer engagement for brands that feel stagnant. This is accomplished in part by our ability to source exotic and relevant flavors throughout the globe, improve bioavailability (efficacy) without compromising taste, [and incorporate] complementary, synergistic ingredients.”

Oral films can also help individuals who have trouble swallowing traditional pills—or those who may suffer side effects from taking tablets or syrups. According to Dinesh, “In this case, we have microencapsulated iron in the ThinSol, eliminating the gastro side effects.”

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