OmegaQuant, make of the Omega-3 Index Test, launches at-home Vitamin D Test


OmegaQuant, known for its Omega-3 Index Test, has launched an at-home Vitamin D Test.

vitamin D

Example of Omega-3 Index Test kit. Image courtesy of OmegaQuant

OmegaQuant (Sioux Falls, SD), known for its Omega-3 Index Test, has launched an at-home Vitamin D Test. Safe and convenient, the at-home test just requires a finger stick and a couple drops of blood for analysis. Vitamin D plays a major role in bone health and has been shown in new research to also support a wide range of other health issues such as cardiovascular health, immune health, and even obesity.

Many experts believe that having levels of at least 30 ng/mL is an ideal level for most people. Knowing one’s vitamin D levels allows for easy correction by increasing sun exposure or dietary intake through foods or supplements.

“Our new vitamin D test works the same way our omega-3 tests do – with a simple finger stick. No blood draw needed. No doctor necessary. No hidden lab fees. And you can collect your sample safely, in the privacy of your own home,” said Jason Polreis, CEO, OmegaQuant. “We think that vitamin D holds just as much importance as a nutrient as omega-3s. And it suffers from the same issues in terms of intake in that the majority of individuals are falling short. But how short? The only way to know is to test.”

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