Omega Protein Acquires Specialist in Omega-3 Purification

The company has acquired InCon Processing, a company with expertise in molecular distillation.

Omega-3 ingredient supplier Omega Protein Corp. (Houston) has acquired InCon Processing LLC (Batavia, IL), a company focused on purifying specialty nutritional and synthetic compounds, with expertise in molecular distillation.

“InCon enables us to provide our customers with an enhanced range of omega-3 fish oils in concentrated forms such as ethyl esters and triglycerides that we have not been able to offer before,” stated Joe von Rosenberg, Omega Protein’s chairman of the board, president, and CEO, to the press.

Omega Protein will market the concentrated fish oils produced by InCon as part of its OmegaActiv omega-3 portfolio, which is overseen by Omega Protein subsidiary Cyvex Nutrition.