Ocean Spray Forecasts Cranberry Crop


North American harvest began in mid-September.

Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. (Lakeville-Middleboro, MA) now has a forecast for the 2013 cranberry harvest, which runs from mid-September through mid-November. The company is expecting global industry harvests of between 11.1 and 11.5 million barrels of cranberry-similar to the 11.2 million barrels sold in 2012.

Most of these cranberries will be consumed in their native North America, but Ocean Spray projects that about 20% of the crop will be sold to other countries. In anticipation of a growing international market for cranberries, the company is now farming in Chile.

Cranberries are popularly sold for their tart flavor and potential support against urinary tract infections. They are popularly available as fresh and dried fruits, juice beverages, sauces, and dietary supplements.

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