Oat Beverage Gives Oats Appeal Beyond Breakfast


Oatworks is a beverage based on fruit purées and concentrates, and oat beta-glucan.

Oat ingredients supplier Biovelop (Kimstad, Sweden) continues to reinvent the way consumers eat oats. Having already supplied oat protein (prOATein) and soluble oat fiber (PromOat) for some time, the company's oat fiber is now in Oatworks, a branded oat beverage.

Right now, Oatworks is available in three flavors based around fruit purées and concentrates, but the functional benefit of the drink revolves around its added oat fiber-equal to the fiber content of two bowls of oatmeal. Soluble oat fiber is rich in beta-glucan, and research points to potential cholesterol reduction following consumption of this compound. The evidence is substantial enough that FDA, EFSA, and Health Canada have all approved health claims for oat fiber or oat beta-glucan and lowering risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol.

David Peters, CEO of Wellness Works, which manufactures the product, adds that the beverage may also promote satiety and sustained energy.

“Oatworks addresses the need from busy consumers to enjoy a convenient, nutrient-rich breakfast on the go,” said Peters in an official press statement. “Our oat-powered smoothies combine the well-recognized health benefits of oats with real fruit, to create a delicious and genuinely healthy ‘snackfast.’ They are also the perfect way to extend the appeal of oatmeal beyond breakfast throughout the day.”

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