Nutriventia’s TurmXTRA 60N turmeric extract improves joint comfort, mobility, in subjects with chronic knee pain


One of TurmXTRA 60N’s benefits is that its patented formulation helps sidestep the poor bioavailability experienced with many turrmeric extracts, the company says.

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A recently published study1 found that TurmXTRA 60N, a proprietary turmeric ingredient from supplier Nutriventia (Mumbai, India), helped improve joint comfort, performance, and mobility in healthy subjects with chronic knee pain.

One of TurmXTRA 60N’s benefits is that its patented formulation helps sidestep the poor bioavailability experienced with many turmeric extracts, the company says. The ingredient is “a novel formulation of the natural, water-dispersible turmeric extract containing 60% natural curcuminoids,” the researchers said. They pointed out that previous pharmacokinetic studies2 found that the bioavailability of TurmXTRA 60N in rats and in humans was 10 times higher compared to standard turmeric extract 95%. As such, the ingredient allows using a lower dose, with researchers noting that the ingredient “is believed to provide clinical benefits of curcumin in humans at a 10 times lower single daily dose of 150 mg of active curcuminoids.”

In the new 90-day, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 96 healthy adults experiencing chronic knee were given either a placebo or a single daily dose of 250 mg of TurmXTRA 60N. The subjects included men and women between the ages of 18 and 60 years who had a visual analogue scale (VAS) score of 4 or greater in the knee joint. (VAS measures acute and chronic pain.) They were asked to limit their use of analgesic and/or anti-inflammatory drugs during the study.

Subjects were screened during four visits throughout the study. They were asked to do an 80-m fast-paced walk test, after which researchers measured their pain intensity level. They also measured secondary efficacy measures such as performance in the 80-m fast-paced walk test, 9-step stair climber test, and a range-of-motion test. Researchers also measured inflammatory markers C-reactive protein, IL-6, TNF-alpha, and matrix metalloproteinase-3.

Researchers noted a statistically significant reduction in pain intensity in the TurmXTRA 60N subjects as well as improved performance in the 80-m fast-walk test and a reduction in time subjects took to ascend and descend stairs in the 9-step stair climber test. Participants reported improvement in these variables as early as day 45 of the study. In terms of the four inflammatory biomarkers, researchers did not find significant difference between the TurmXTRA 60N and placebo subjects.

The researchers concluded that “3-month supplementation with [TurmXTRA 60N] 250 mg once daily improved joint comfort by alleviating chronic knee pain and also improved joint performance and mobility in healthy subjects with chronic knee pain. It also showed improvement (although non-significant) in inflammatory biomarker levels. Furthermore, [TurmXTRA 60N] was well tolerated and found to be safe for human consumption.”

Inventia Healthcare Ltd., the owner of the Nutriventia brand, funded the study along with ingredients exporter Laila Nutraceuticals (India).

In a press release, Anand Godbole, assistant vice president of marketing and strategy for Inventia, stated, “This study is pivotal since it showcases the benefits of a small dose of TurmXTRA60N, that in healthy subjects and as more people become active, a supplement that helps preserve knee structure and function we feel will be highly sought after.”


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