Nutriventia launches clinically-backed sustained-release ashwagandha extract


Nutriventia has launched a sustained-release ashwagandha called Prolanza ahead of the upcoming SupplySide West show.

Photo © barbone

Photo © barbone

Nutriventia (Mumbai, India) has launched a sustained-release ashwagandha called Prolanza. The ingredient is backed by a study1 comparing the sustained release capsules containing 30 mg withanolides with 600 mg of a different well-known ashwagandha extract, as a reference product. In the study, 14 subjects were randomized to receive either Prolanza or the reference product as a single dose of two capsules in sequence taken under fasting conditions. According to the study, Prolanza had “higher relative absorption, better relative bioavailability, and longer elimination half-life indicating a sustained-release profile compared to reference. Specifically, the relative bioavailability of the test formulation was 12, 44, and 11 times higher for total withanolides, withanolide A and 12-deoxywithastramonolide, respectively.”

“As ashwagandha is primarily consumed for its adaptogenic and stress response-reduction properties, the longer duration of Prolanza’s therapeutic effects will provide a stronger cumulative health value,” said Anand Godbole, Nutriventia vice president of marketing, in press release. “Consumers are looking for efficient products that will make their lives even a little easier. Prolanza provides that, plus convenience for our customers. Now with our clinical study showing adaptogenic support for a prolonged period, it makes Prolanza an ideal ingredient to help manage the grind of daily stress more efficiently.”

Nutriventia will be at SupplySide West 2022 at booth #3827


  1. Alluri VKR, et al. “A comparative pharmacokinetics study of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) Root Extract sustained-release capsules: an open-label, randomized, two treatment, two-sequence, two period, single-dose crossover clinical study.” International Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, vol. 11, no. 1 (2022)
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