Nutritional Outlook’s 2021 Condition-Specific Symposium



Immune Health - XSTO – 9am EDT – 9:45am EDT Heart Health – HP Ingredients – 10am EDT – 10:45am EDT Sports Nutrition – Gelita – 11am EDT – 11:45am EDT Bone Health – PLT Health – 1pm EDT – 1:45pm EDT Beauty Ingredients – Nutrition 21 – 2pm EDT – 2:45pm EDT Women’s Health – GE Nutrients – 3pm EDT – 3:45pm EDT


Event Overview: Looking for natural solutions to support nutraceutical consumers’ biggest health concerns? Nutritional Outlook’s 2021 Condition-Specific Symposium spotlights some of the natural product market’s biggest health targets—immune support, beauty-from-within, bone health, heart health and the ingredients designed to meet consumer and formulator needs. Listen to experts and company representatives discuss their leading condition-specific ingredients, and learn about what makes these ingredients promising, effective solutions for your next product.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Get an overview of what’s driving condition-specific nutraceutical markets
  • Learn about natural ingredients for immune support, beauty-from-within, and more
  • Hear about the science substantiating some of the industry’s leading condition-specific ingredients


9am EDT
EccaTru Echinacea: Green, Clean Immune Support Benefits in a Single Dose

Dan Murray, VP Business Development, Xsto Solutions &
Alessandro Gandaglia, PhD, Biocompatibility Innovation

10am EDT
The Benefits of Bergamot-Derived Supplements in Cardiovascular Health

Vincenzo Mollace, Dean and Director, School of Pharmacy and Nutraceuticals, University of Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy, and Professor of Pharmacology, University of Rome “Tor Vergata

11am EDT
Collagen & White Tissue: The Newest Target in Holistic Sports Nutrition

Tonja Lipp, Director, Business Development, Health & Nutrition (USA), GELITA &
Suzane Leser, Director, Nutrition Communication, GELITA

1pm EDT
Exercise Recovery & Mobility: Fast-Acting, Low-Dose Solutions

Jeremy Appleton, Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs , PLT Health Solutions &
Steve Fink, Vice President of Marketing, PLT Health Solutions

2pm EDT
The Future of Beauty-From-Within and Nutrition21’s New Healthy Aging Ingredient, Lustriva

Elyse Lovett, MS, MBA, VP Marketing, Nutriton21 &
Sara Perez Ojalvo, Director of Research & Development, Nutrition21

3pm EDT
HMRlignanTM: A Natural Solution for Women’s Health and Menopause

Nora Rossini, Scientific Affairs Manager, Linnea SA




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HP Ingredients

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