NSF Authorized to Verify Vermont GMO Claims


The Vermont attorney general has authorized NSF International to verify GMO product claims under its new food-labeling law.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/zmeel

Photo © iStockphoto.com/zmeel

Vermont Attorney General William H. Sorrell has authorized NSF International (Ann Arbor, MI) to verify GMO product claims in Vermont under its new food labeling law, which is set to go into effect in July.

Passed in May 2014, Vermont’s mandatory GMO-labeling law will require manufacturers to label products that contain GMOs. As an authorized organization, NSF can now provide manufacturers and retailers with verification services to ensure they are in compliance with the new law.

“This is important news for companies that sell food products in Vermont and elsewhere as it influences public policy throughout the United States,” NSF International said in a press release. “Despite the absence of federal law, Vermont’s GMO labeling law is set to go into effect July 2016 and manufacturers must adjust their supply chains and formulations to either remove GMOs or label their products as containing GMOs to comply.”

In addition to NSF International, the attorney general’s office also authorized the Non-GMO Project to verify GMO claims in Vermont.

“As authorized independent verifications organizations, these organizations can provide manufacturers and retailers with verification that the food they produce or sell, or an ingredient they use in the production of food, has not been knowingly or intentionally produced from or commingled with food or seed produced with genetic engineering,” explained the attorney general’s office, in a statement posted December 17, 2015.


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