Nordic Naturals Selling Another High-Dose EPA Product

The omega-3 supplement is preferentially standardized for EPA.

Omega-3 products manufacturer Nordic Naturals (Watsonville, CA) has introduced EPA Elite, now the company’s highest-dose of omega-3 EPA in softgels.

The product is touted as being similar to high-dose pharmaceutical EPA formulas, which have exhibited fat cell reductions (among other benefits) in clinical trials. This product, however, is available over-the-counter.

While fish oil supplements are traditionally standardized for omega-3 EPA and omega-3 DHA, Nordic Naturals says that significant research supports EPA-only formulas for heart health factors specifically. At 1600 mg of omega-3 EPA per serving, EPA Elite is more concentrated than the company’s EPA Xtra product, which contains 1060 mg of the essential fatty acid.