New patent granted to Lycored for composition combining omega-3 fatty acids with lycopene

Lycored will be developing a new formulation combining its Lycomato lycopene with omega-3 fatty acids. 

Lycored (Secaucus, NJ) has announced that it has been granted a U.S. patent for a composition comprising omega-3 fatty acid with patented tomato extract lycopene, Lycomato, and optionally with carnosic acid and or/lutein. The combination has been found to work synergistically to support healthy inflammation in the body, inhibiting inflammatory markers by suppressing anti-inflammatory mediators, says the company. Lycored recently published a study in NeuroMolecular Medicine demonstrating the combination’s ability to balance inflammatory markers in the brain.

“Lycored is currently in the process of developing a new formulation that directly addresses the components of this new patent, which would enhance the use of existing omega-3 products, and benefits to inflammatory markers that support overall brain health,” said Karin Hermoni, PhD, head of science and nutrition at Lycored, in a press release. “This patent is a milestone in Lycored’s plan program for developing innovative solutions for brain health, and we are excited to implement this new patent into our already extensive portfolio.”