New Joint-Health Supplement Encapsulates Eggshell Membrane in Lipospheres


Biova, Aurora Nutrascience, and Vida Lifescience announce the release of ExoFlex, a new liposomal-encapsulated eggshell-membrane supplement.

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Biova (Johnston, IA), Aurora Nutrascience, and Vida Lifescience (Irvine, CA) recently announced the launch of ExoFlex, a new joint-health dietary supplement that they have dubbed “the world's first liposomal-encapsulated egg-membrane joint-health product.” It combines Biova's BiovaFlex eggshell membrane with other joint-health nutrients in a delivery system meant to allow for greater absorption in the body's bloodstream.

Phil Bolden, co-president of Vida Lifescience, the exclusive U.S. distributor of Aurora Nutrascience products, said in a press release that Vida's retail partners “are very excited about ExoFlex." In addition to Biova's BiovaFlex water-soluble egshell membrane, Aurora Nutrascience has included curcumin, boswellia, MSM, and vitamin C in ExoFlex to further support the product's joint-health mission. The nutrients are encapsulated in “nano-sized liposomes,” which are designed to protect the ingredients and “facilitate a more efficient transition through the enzymes of the digestive system.”

In clinical studies submitted to Health Canada, BiovaFlex has been shown to reduce joint pain and increase range of motion, according to Biova, and it may assist in neutralizing and decreasing free-radical damage linked to inflammation.. The firms behind ExoFlex are promoting similar benefits for the new product as have been studied for with BiovaFlex, as well as ExoFlex's potential to help reduce blood C-reactive protein levels (a clinical marker of inflammation), and help in the development and maintenance of bones and cartilage. It will be available in a liquid oral dosage form.

“We are very excited about the unique system that Aurora & Vida have used to offer BiovaFlex's benefits to consumers,” said Pat Schneider, CEO of Biova. “This is a breakthrough in delivery methods, and we look forward to how this novel technology will advance joint health for all.”

“ExoFlex is a result of the extensive evaluation and development by our lab technicians, and it represents a very unique and innovative product that offers several improvements over other offerings in the joint support and mobility sector of the market today,” said David J. Johnson, CEO of Aurora Nutrascience. “In our opinion, ExoFlex is the smarter, scientifically created, all-natural, drug-free solution for people with joint-related stress, inflammation, osteoarthritis, tendinitis, or other degenerative issues.”

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