New Functional Native Rice Starch Debuting at IFT 2018


Remypure S52 is the second functional native rice starch to be added to Beneo's clean-label portfolio.

Photo from Beneo

A brand-new functional, native rice starch ingredient will make its debut at next week’s Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo in Chicago. Beneo (Parsippany, NJ) says that Remypure S52 is the second functional native rice starch to be added to the company’s portfolio and that its performance is comparable, and sometimes superior to, modified food starches.

In general, Remypure S52 “allows food manufacturers to create unique textures and excellent product stability under extreme circumstances, such as low pH, high temperature, [and] high shear, without the need for modified starches,” which consumers sometimes view as label unfriendly, the firm says. Remypure S52 is especially well suited to food products like soups, sauces, and ready-to-eat meals, the company says.

Alongside Beneo’s other native rice starch,  Remypure S51, “the new Remypure S52 is the result of Beneo’s ongoing commitment to innovation in helping manufacturers meet customer demands for clean-label products,” said Jon Peters, president of Beneo Inc., in a press release. “Not only is Remypure S52 clean label but it also provides manufacturers with wide-ranging opportunities to enhance their products with a versatile ingredient that is sustainable under the harshest processing conditions.”

At IFT, visitors can sample the new Remypure S52 starch in a clean-label chipotle mayonnaise.

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