New egg replacement and flour blend ingredients from Ardent Mills made from chickpea and other ingredients


These plant-based solutions can help companies sidestep supply chain challenges, such as egg shortages.

Pictured: Ardent Mills’ new Egg Replace blend. Photo from Ardent Mills.

Pictured: Ardent Mills’ new Egg Replace blend. Photo from Ardent Mills.

Flour-milling and ingredient supplier Ardent Mills (Denver) has introduced two new plant-based ingredient solutions that can help formulators sidestep supply chain challenges. One ingredient is an egg replacer, and the other is a flour blend created from ancient grains.

The egg replacer, called Ardent Mills Egg Replace, is made from “just four ingredients,” including chickpea flour, the firm says. It can serve as a 1:1 replacement for dried and liquid whole eggs. The ingredient is also gluten-free, vegan, and absent of any major U.S. food allergen or soy ingredients. The company says Ardent Mills Egg Replace provides an alternative at a time when reoccurring avian flu has stressed the nation’s supply of traditional eggs. It also meets consumer demands for cage-free ingredients, the firm says. The ingredient is said to be easy to use in bakery applications, with good taste and function.

The second new introduction is Ancient Grains Plus Baking Flour Blend. Made from whole-food ancient grains and chickpea, the ingredient is said to provide a higher quality of protein compared to traditional flours. The ingredient, which is plant-based and gluten-free and void of any major U.S. food allergens, is said to have a mild flavor and be easy to use in a variety of bakery applications. Says the company’s press release: “It was created to simplify baked goods innovation and reduce reliance on added protein ingredients while supporting finished-goods protein goals.”

“Our latest products, Ardent Mills Egg Replace and Ancient Grains Plus Baking Flour Blend, underscore our commitment to being strategic partners with our customers by providing proactive solutions to industry challenges while simultaneously meeting consumer demand,” said Angie Goldberg, the company’s chief growth officer, in a press release.

Ardent Mills will showcase both ingredients at the upcoming IFT FIRST 2023 trade show (Booth #SO811).

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