New Dairy-Free Chocolates, Coatings, and Inclusions Expand Applications, Barry Callebaut Says


Barry Callebaut is expanding its dairy-free chocolate portfolio with new dark and “milk-like” chocolate inclusions and coatings.

Photo from Barry Callebaut

Cocoa supplier Barry Callebaut (Zurich, Switzerland) debuted an expanded range of dairy-free chocolates, including new dairy-free inclusions and coatings, at this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago. At the event, Barry Callebaut introduced chocolate coatings and inclusions in both dark and “milk-like” variations.

According to the company, its dairy-free chocolate range is formulated to closely mimic the appearance, taste, and texture or chocolate. The “milk-like” variation appears lighter in color and has a “milkier” flavor, the company says.

Barry Callebaut first introduced its dairy-free chocolate range in 2012. The company says that the new Pathway range of dairy-free offerings provides its customers with solutions for a wider range of applications, including chocolates, snacks, cereals, baked goods, and snack bars. And, because no dairy is used in the formulation of these ingredients, manufacturers can include the “dairy-free” claim on product labels.

The company stated that the expanded range meets growing consumer demand for dairy-free options across all food categories that still taste great. Laura Bergan, director of innovation and market development, Barry Callebaut, stated in a press release that “many consumers are interested in healthier options and have adapted their lifestyles to include more plant-based foods and thereby turning to dairy-free products. The Pathway coating and inclusion portfolio is a fantastic offering to provide our customer base with alternative options to fit consumers’ demands in the dairy-free space.” 

Also at the Expo, Barry Callebaut presented its new “Consumer Chocolate Sensory Wheel,” which includes 87 descriptors of the flavor, texture, and aroma of chocolate.  The company says that the Consumer Chocolate Sensory Wheel is “the first serious attempt rooted in science to create a sensory language for the chocolate industry.”



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