“New Congress Means New Opportunities,” NPA Says


“It is critical for us to be proactive immediately in the new year rather than reactive,” says NPA's Dan Fabricant.

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As we head toward a new year on Capitol Hill, the Natural Products Association (NPA; Washington, DC) is reminding members of the dietary supplements industry that they should make it a priority to engage and educate incoming members of Congress out the gate.

“A new Congress means new opportunities,” said Dan Fabricant, PhD, executive director and CEO of NPA, in a press release. He said that NPA’s upcoming 20th annual Natural Products Day on March 22, 2017 in Washington, DC, is a good opportunity for industry to reach out to members of Congress. “This is an excellent one for our members to speak about the valuable contribution our industry makes to the health and well-being of millions of Americans and the U.S. economy.”

“It is critical for us to be proactive immediately in the new year rather than reactive,” he added.

Natural Products Day provides the industry with an opportunity for NPA members and industry stakeholders to meet with senators and representatives about issues crucial to the dietary supplements industry, as well as to educate lawmakers about the role natural products play in supporting health and the benefits these products provide to consumers. “This event is free for attendees, and NPA arranges all the meetings with key legislators ahead of time, while providing direction on how to make an impact on Capitol Hill,” NPA states. Attendees also have the opportunity to reach key legislators at an evening reception held the night before the start of the conference and hosted by the Natural Products Association Political Action Committee (NPA PAC).

For more information about NPA and Natural Products Day 2017, visit NPAinfo.org.


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