New CBD nanoemulsion eases CBD beverage formulation


The new nanoemulsion, called HempNano, contains 5% CBD.

Photo from HempRise

Photo from HempRise

Hemp processor HempRise (Jeffersonville, IN) has launched a new, concentrated cannabidiol (CBD) nanoemulsion ingredient that the company says makes beverage formulating easier. The ingredient is not sensitive to dilution or changes in temperature and pH, and creates drinks with better consistency, stability, and shelf life.

The new nanoemulsion, called HempNano, contains 5% CBD. In a press release, the company described its benefits over technologies such as encapsulation or macroemulsions. “The key to a homogenous CBD beverage is through either nanoemulsion or encapsulation, which breaks CBD oil into small droplets and keeps them suspended evenly throughout the beverage. With this nanoemulsion process, the CBD is broken down mechanically by high shear force, then stabilized with emulsifiers, resulting in much better product consistency, stability, and longer product shelf life. When observed, liquids resulting from macroemulsion are usually cloudy, while nanoemulsions are mostly translucent or transparent under certain conditions.”

Importantly, the ingredient also offers a shelf life of at least one year when diluted in a beverage, which the firm says is a feat considering that generally CBD oils often do not remain diluted for the duration of a beverage’s shelf life.

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