New calcium carbonate ingredient enhances porosity, hardness of tablets

Jennifer Grebow
Jennifer Grebow

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Omyanutra also provides a high loading capacity for active nutrients.

A new, highly functional porous carrier made from calcium carbonate lends supplement tablets greater porosity and hardness. The ingredient, Omyanutra, will be introduced by supplier Omya International AG (Oftringen, Switzerland) at SupplySide West for the first time. Omyanutra also provides a high loading capacity for active nutrients.

Omyanutra improves product performance, offering excellent ability to be compacted, as well as enhanced absorption properties for rapidly disintegrating tablets. “Owing to its porous structure, Omyanutra allows for quicker water uptake, which leads to fast tablet disintegration,” the company explains in a press release. “And, because of their mechanical stability, tablets formulated with Omyanutra can be filled in regular bottles, reducing costs and simplifying the conditioning process.”

Omya will provide SupplySide West attendees with samples made with Omyanutra. Visit SupplySide West Booth #1259 for more information.