New Bone-Health Supplement Combines Calcium Carbonate with Vitamins K2, D3


Omya has announced a new bone-health dietary supplement product including its Omyapharma and Omyapure calcium-carbonate ingredients.

Image provided by Omya.

Image provided by Omya.

Omya (Oftringen, Switzerland) has released a new bone-health supplement product feature calcium carbonate, vitamin K2, and vitamin D3. The combination is meant to offer enhanced absorption of calcium and ensure consumers reach the EU’s recommended daily allowance of calcium.

The new formulation features two of Omya’s branded calcium-carbonate ingredients: Omyapure 35 – OG, the active calcium-carbonate ingredient, and Omyapharm 500 – OG, an excipient that provides several formulation advantages.

“As an efficient carrier for multiple substances, [Omyapharm] allows a high loading capacity of active ingredients,” Omya explains in the product announcement. “Its particles are characterized by an external lamellae structure and an internal network of interconnected pores. This structure facilitates the production of tablets that uniquely feature both high porosity and maximum levels of hardness.”

Additionally, the product includes vitamin K2 and vitamin D3, both of which are known to improve calcium absorption rates, Omya notes.

“Vitamin K2 acts as an activator of proteins which are responsible for utilizing and storing the calcium,” Omya says. “Vitamin D3 supports the bioavailability of calcium by regulating the calcium and phosphorus homeostasis, and hence facilitating the absorption of this mineral.”

The firm recently debuted the formula in easy-to-swallow tablet form at the recent Health Ingredients Europe trade show in Germany, but it notes that other dosage forms are possible, including orally disintegrating tablets or orally disintegrating granules.


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